Introducing our fellows: Maryanne


I hope to contribute majorly on disaster risk reduction, conservation, internet governance, civic education and sports for development to impact on the lives of rural youth, women and persons living with disabilities. This includes on considering the local context, mobilizing local resources, collaboration, alignment across policies, lessons from the past, recognizing the potential of civil society accountability and leaving no one behind.”

Maryanne (24) is holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Disaster Management and International Diplomacy. After volunteering for Nyandarua Youth Empowerment Network Trust (NYENTRUST) she became a grassroots activist working towards empowering mainly the rural communities, given the major shift in global issues. Maryanne believes in carrying out civic education by giving out free public information on matters Constitution, Devolution, Election, Voter Registration and involvement of Youth, Women and Persons.

Her personal main focus lies on internet governance and the implementation of access to digital networks as major challenge in the local area.


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