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As you might imagine the TANDEM GREEN is focusing on environmental protection, conservation and climate change. It is run by Maryanne from Kinangop – a region in Kenya that lies between the Kenyan Rift Valley to the west and the Aberdare Range to the east – and Andreas from Dresden, a German city situated in Eastern Germany approximately 200 km from Berlin. The two 24-years-old environmental activists were matched by this year’s CHANGEMATES FELLOWSHIP with special perspective on Kenya and Germany.

Andreas and Maryanne are both aware of environmental matters since their early youth – involved in several initiatives and campaigns targeting awareness for conservation issues and the global challenges of climate change.
“I am simply convinced that it is the big job of my generation to move towards a green and sustainable economy and lifestyle,” Andreas puts his deep conviction in words. Besides participating in the CHANGEMATES PROGRAM he works as #ClimateTracker – a member the biggest writing movement on climate change driven by journalists and bloggers, and will be involved in the COP21 Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015 in Paris later on this year. Maryanne is driven by the importance of her local area, the Kinangop Plateau, the unique biodiversity of its grasslands and its agricultural role.

Nyandarua_County_in_Kenya.svgMaryanne and Andreas have not met personally yet, but already worked out a common project idea supported by the CHANGEMATES program, helpful internet channels and the ACTIVISM IN A BOX TOOLKIT. Their main idea for protecting the precious eco-system in Kinangop: improve the level of environmental awareness and environmental education through arts, creative acting and by addressing local students of different schools.

In a few days when all fellows will meet in Berlin for the CHANGEMATES CONVENTION WEEK, the GREEN TANDEM will receive further input related to project development, funding and campaigning issues. we are convinced that their collaboration will end up in a convincing project presentation and find future support for implementation!

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