Introducing our fellows: Anna – new pictures of the Global South



AnnaLafrentz300dpi “Every single human being can make a change in this world.”

Anna’s aim is to create new pictures of the Global South: “The idea is, to get away from the stereotype that rich Europeans help the poor instead of creating a dialogue at eye level.“ She believes that by bringing new pictures into the game, we can change old and wrong assumptions.

Anna’s latest project underlines her power as social changer of images: in 2014 she created a catalogue of the art scene of Nairobi to show people in Germany this vibrant metropolis and not to reproduce old stereotypes and to encourage Nairobian artists in their work.
Her other civil society projects in Germany are also driven by her passion for arts: Anna works with teenagers and young adults using arts as medium to tackle topics e.g. as antiracism, empowerment, anti-sexism and labor law. Her over-all aim creating and implementing these workshops is to inspire and foster radical self-reflection: “What is my role in society?”




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