Learn more about the approach and basic thoughts

GLOBAL CHANGEMATES – Kick-startig Transnational Cicil Society Engagement

Socio-Economic vulnerability and exclusion, climate change or the risk of big data and mass surveillance … Many of our most pressing challenges can only be tackled, if civil society organizations and activists cooperate across borders. Fortunately, an increasing number of young committed activists perceive themselves as global citizens. This is where the idea of GLOBAL CHANGEMATES rooted: our programme seeks to strengthen frontrunner activists individually and foster successful transnational civil society activism on a peer level.

The overall objectives of this approach are…

… to discover new roads towards social progress in North and South
… to identify global connections and common challenges
… to build new partnerships

For this, we will equip our programmes and guiding material with successful techniques of civil society activism. We explore methods of collaboration, project management, networking, digital security and fundraising in order for you…
… to work effectively
… to develop dynamically
… to communicate safely
… to implement creatively
… to advocate successfully

The whole Story – How the project developed… 
The GLOBAL CHANGEMATES fellowship is the result of a participatory exploration and learning process over the last years. It started with the experiences gained during our students exchange programme „Go Africa … Go Germany…“ which the Partnership with Africa Foundation organizes since 2009 (until 2012 in cooperation with the German Federal Agency for Civic Education). We have learnt from the “Go Africa… Go Germany…” fellowship, how valuable encounters of young people can be for their future development. That these encounters foster knowledge transfer, learning experiences and friendships that can have a long-lasting impact on society.

This discovery led to the education and civic engagement programme COMENGA which the Partnership with Africa Foundation ran from 2012 – 2015. It’s overall objective to address and connect individuals, groups and networks on both continents, found their way into several projects – including ACTIVISM IN BOX TOOLKIT a collection of information, action guidelines and showcased examples which can be used to increase German and African exchange and collaboration in the field o civil society engagement.
Last year’s TOOLKIT PILOT PROJEKT encouraged us to continue our transnational peer-to-peer approach in the form of the GLOBAL CHANGEMATES Fellowship. With generous funding from Engagement Global on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and Dreilinden gGmbH we now have the chance to get the first Fellowship cycle started: the GLOBAL CHANGEMATES GERMAN-KENYAN FELLOWSHIP 2015!